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Custom Order Process: 


A custom order is one that needs to be ordered in, as the material is not in stock. Custom orders typically take between 10-16 weeks to process or 8- 12 weeks from selection of material. The process for custom orders is a follows: 


  1. Custom Order Identified. 

  2. Prima Stone can request block/slab options for custom order prior to purchase, however, stone cannot be held without a deposit. 

  3. Once a deposit has been received, Prima Stone will endeavor to provide 3 slab/block options to select from. Prima Stone can request to hold a prospective slab/block for 3 business days while a client makes a decision, unless otherwise advised. Please note that time is of the essence for selection and material is not guaranteed. For quantities of 6 panels or less or certain more rare types of stone (like Onyx), multiple selections are not always available. 

  4. Once a selection has been made, there is the possibility that the stone could be rejected due to deficiencies in the block/ slabs selected that were not initially visible. If this happens Prima Stone will provide additional options to select from. 

  5. Prima Stone can provide cutting services for custom manufactured orders. Cutting has a minimum charge of $100 per panel. Additional charges may apply based on cuttting requirements.  

  6. All custom orders are final sales. Exchanges can be made less a 25% restock fee for new material or in-store credit. If there are any discrepancies related to material either before leaving the factory or upon arrival at Prima Stone, at Prima Stone’s sole discretion, we will work with the client to provide replacement material. Replacement material could take 6-12 weeks from selection of new material to process.  

  7. Once production is complete, Prima Stone will confirm shipping of material and provide arrival at port date. Final payment invoice will be sent a week prior to anticipated arrival at port and must be paid upon arrival at port. Prima Stone requires a completed Credit Card authorization form to process the balance invoice on all custom orders. 

  8. It typically takes 2-3 business days from arrival at port for Prima Stone to receive material. 2-3 days to process in our warehouse. This is subject to change due to port congestions or inspections. 

  9. Please check with us to receive updates on shipping status as required. 

  10. Custom cut orders will be manufactured to specifications on the purchaser provided "cut sheet' prepared and approved by the purchaser in AutoCad with a copy in PDF. Prima Stone will provide a final cut sheet for placement of cuts on the panel from this. The client must either physically or via email approve the cut sheet prior to production. Orders will be true within 1mm +/-. If there are any discrepancy between "cut sheet" and final product our resolution process will be as follows: 

a) At Prima Stone's sole discretion, working with the purchaser locally, using existing material to resolve (ie recutting locally, etc). 


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