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The European Design Influence

North Americans have only embraced the use of natural stone in home renovations within recent decades. Marble, granite, onyx, etc., have been used in Europe for centuries, from the Classical period through to modern times. Today, these stones are used in Europe for bathrooms, kitchen splashes, fireplace surrounds, and even as flooring, just as it is here.

But how different are the styles? The kitchens and bathrooms in Europe, particularly in France and Great Britain, are much smaller than those we are used to. This is in part due to the high population density and traditional small space/minimalist designs that have been popular in past decades. The Victorian style is often seen throughout Europe, using intricate tile detailing in the bathrooms made from natural stone.

European design trends have made their way overseas in recent years and we're seeing a lot more of this minimalist approach here today. The neutral white of Carrara is popular, and travertine is a common choice for bathroom surrounds.

Traditionally, kitchen splashes in Europe featured smaller stone tiles and lots of intricate detailing. More modern British kitchens, however, feature smooth marble that could rival the Taj Mahal. Large surfaces are being clad in gorgeous stone to create a contemporary statement piece out of an otherwise traditional material.

Another stone used in Europe is onyx and is often found in kitchens or around the home as backlit statement pieces. Modern homes in Spain, Italy, Ireland, and England are known to feature this beautiful stone. Traditionally used on a smaller scale, we're now seeing larger focal pieces made from this translucent stone. Whether in Europe or North America, natural stone provides a luxurious statement that will last centuries.

Looking to add a touch of European luxury to your home? Contact us to find out how we can help you incorporate this trend into your space!




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