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How are Millennials Changing Home Design?

With Millennials, aka Generation Y, accounting for more than 25% of the world’s population, we are seeing a shift in the way we work, the way we buy, and the way we interact. Millennials are more socially connected than any other generation having grown up with technology literally at their fingertips. Millennials are also more conscious of world problems and are subsequently more aware of their impact on the environment. Due to this, trends have changed in the marketplace and sustainability has been come a huge factor in the housing and design market.

The Millennial generation is known to be largely focused on DIY, transforming hand me down or second-hand furniture, remodelling their homes themselves and utilizing sites like Pinterest on a regular basis for design inspiration.

Featured below is The DIY Mommy's kitchen remodel. Click the link to check out her posts on this project and her other home renovation and design projects.

Transitional designs that blend modern and rustic styles are favoured. There is a play between old and new taking place in the home, with industrial style lighting, hand scraped hardwoods, and neutral palettes with pops of colour. Reclaimed wood and natural materials are trending in home design and barn doors are often replacing a traditional door style.

Floor plans are more open and efficient, often eliminating the traditional hallway of our parents’ generation. Automated homes where you can hook up your smart phone or tablet to operate the houses systems are becoming more common.

Homes are becoming smaller and more efficient than the traditional homes of the past. Family growth is considered in home layouts. The ability to transform bonus rooms or dens into an extra bedroom space as the family grows larger is appealing to younger buyers as it means they do not have to move as their family grows. Smaller bedrooms are favoured to create more entertaining room in common areas.

There is more focus on income opportunities. Often homes are designed with the thought of adding a basement suite to host relatives or rent out and help pay off the mortgage. Outdoor spaces have smaller yards for lower maintenance and larger decks for entertaining friends and families.

Designing for a community…

We are seeing a lot more focus on community and the overall neighbourhood atmosphere. This could be due to the fact that this generation is waiting longer to move out or buy a vehicle; they’re smarter and more conservative with their money. More and more car sharing programs and public transit programs are popping up and neighbourhoods are being built with these elements in mind.

Accessibility is a huge factor in community developments. Public parks, retail shopping areas, walking trails and sidewalks are all becoming more commonplace throughout city developments to entice younger buyers and families to move in.

Interested in chatting more about millennial design trends? Give me a call!


Melissa Colborne

Interior Designer


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