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7 Ways to Improve Your Home’s Value with Marble


Kitchens are one area that everyone can agree need to be updated in order to increase home value. Often you can update it simply by replacing old builder grade tile with a more contemporary marble splash. You’ll want to keep it in line with the style of your home, so if you have a more traditional home, perhaps a smaller tile or a more subtle veining pattern would suit your space better.

The bathroom is another area where a backsplash can make a very big impact! It's often an area that we forget about when updating our space, choosing to focus instead on the tub surround or the counters. The image below is a great example of a bathroom splash that makes a huge difference in the look of the space.

New Counters

The biggest impact you can make in any renovation is to switch out your old laminate counters for a natural stone. It instantly lifts the space and creates a warmer and more inviting look. The added luxury increases the appeal to potential buyers. Check out some of these chunkier profiles that are trending in today's market.

The Master Bath

A master bath is a great place to spruce up if you’re looking to increase the value of your home. Creating a spa like atmosphere can be simple, but effective. Natural stone, lighter colour tones and simple lighting all help to create this effect. A marble tub deck adds a luxurious spa like feel as seen below.

Walk-in Showers

Old, standard fiberglass surrounds are great for functionality, but don’t add much appeal. More people are gravitating towards luxurious custom showers that add serious style to the space. Think large! Gorgeous marble walls, clean lines, built in storage – are you with me?

Don’t Forget About the Floors

We tend to focus so much of our energy on what’s at our sight level, that often times we forget to update what’s under our feet. Obviously the trend is to keep the main floor consistent in terms of flooring, often having the hardwood continue throughout the majority of the space. One area most people forget to update is the bathroom flooring. You’ve spent a lot of energy updating the tub surrounds and showers, but by leaving a lower quality floor diminishes the value of all the updates you’ve just done elsewhere. A simply inlay could add more visual interest, or doing a large format stone panel on your floor can give you a stunning effect.


A big trend right now is the fireplace. They’re coming back into homes and making a statement in the living room. Whether you add a stone surround below the mantle or you opt for a sleeker floor to ceiling installation, a stone facade on a fireplace makes a huge impact.


A front entry is the first impression a person will get of what the the interior will look like. If you’ve designed your space to be elegant throughout, then you should have a taste of that in the entryway. Entries are a great place to put an insert in the floor, add a decorative feature or create a feel for the overall space. Entryways focus on practicality so the actual finishes of the space become the statement or create the design aesthetic here.

Adding marble into any of these areas in your home automatically increases the visual aesthetic and the overall value of your home. Talk to us today about how you can incorporate it into your designs!


Melissa Colborne

Sales & Design Assistant


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