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Architecture and Natural Stone

There are three different types of marble in the Washington Memorial, one of the tallest monuments in the world. The first 152 feet are built with marble from a quarry in Texas, Stone from Sheffield, Massachusetts is also used, but when difficulties with delivery and quality control became evident, another switch was made. Cockeysville marble is the third type of marble used in the Washington Monument. Each of these types of marble has its own unique colour, distinctly separating the three different sections.

Versailles is another example of marble being used in architecture. Here you will find a courtyard of marble with intricate inlays common in the Baroque era.

Other natural stone used in famous architecture includes travertine and onyx. The Roman Coliseum contains many different building materials, including travertine. Actually, most of its building materials came from the looting and destruction of the temple in Jerusalem.

In Monaco, the Casino de Monte Carlo is a more a work of art than a simple structure. Built in 1893, its legendary decor attracts tourists and players from all over the world. Inside, the atrium has marble flooring and there are 28 stately columns made of onyx.

Another building that features onyx is the Chrysler Building in NYC. The lobby is lavishly decorated with Red Moroccan marble walls, sienna-coloured floor and onyx, blue marble and steel. This New York city icon is a classic example of Art Deco style that was so popular in the 1920s and 1930s.

Natural stone has been used throughout history as an architectural building material both for exterior construction and interior decoration. It's beauty can lend itself to any design style and can even transport you into another era. The Oslo Opera House in Norway is an example of contemporary architecture using natural stones such as Italian marble and white granite.

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