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Parisian Influence vs. The Man Cave

The type of stone you choose can significantly alter the feeling or mood of a space. Choosing the right one can be difficult, which is why we suggest taking time to select your stone and to have a good idea of what you want the feeling or mood to be for the space you're renovating or designing. Do you want to have a sultry and seductive lounge? Perhaps you want to create a Mad Men themed man cave. Is it a sitting room with a Parisian Influence or a kitchen with an industrial edge. All of these things will have an impact on which stone would best suit the overall vision of the space.

To give you an idea of what we mean, we've developed two mood boards based around two of our stone selections. The Nero Marquina goes toe to toe with classic Carrra in this issue. Dark vs light. Seductive vs elegant. You get the idea.

Up first is our Nero Marquina. You can see here that this space is sultry, manly and rugged.

Compared to the Nero Marquina above, the Carrara space below feels more feminine, airy, and elegant. We've developed this board with a Parisian parlour in mind.

You can see how the two stones fit well into the style of the space being created and if you were to reverse the stone in the images, the overall feel would not be the same.

Have a renovation or design in mind, but not sure where to begin? Ask us for advice and we'll let you know what we'd do if it were us.


Melissa Colborne

Interior Designer


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