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Carrara marble is one of the most widely known marbles in the world. Commonly used in sculpture and building décor, this marble has been regularly used since ancient Rome. It is what comes to mind when most people think of marble – white with grey veins and lots of movement or pattern. There is also the more blue-grey variety which has thinner and more random vein lines. The images below show the two tones and how they can affect the overall feel of the stone. The whiter version is crisper and more bold, whereas the grey carrara is more muted and subtle in feeling. It's important to know the difference when choosing your stone. Often times we'll use the whiter toned for feature areas and the grey toned sees more use in bathrooms and smaller spaces.

Being as neutral toned as it is, there`s no wonder the design world loves it so much. Carrara instantly adds a touch of luxury to any décor. Some of our favourite projects use Carrara – see below for some of our recent favourites.

Have a favourite Carrara project of your own? Share it with us! We love seeing your ideas!



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