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Swoon Worthy Feature Walls

Working for a company whose specialty is stone features, I get to look at some pretty unique concepts and be on the ground floor of some amazing design concepts. With my background in Interior Design, I get really excited when someone wants to push the envelope with the design and incorporate stone in a unique or bold way. Below are some spaces I've come across recently that have truly inspired me.

Viceroy Anguilla

Though this hotel closed its doors, it's style was legendary. Take a look at those book matched slabs behind the bar. I first fell in love with the contemporary inlay behind the reception desk and couldn't peel my eyes away. So many intricate details. That inlay floor with the Antiquewood die for. I'm thoroughly inspired to push the envelope on design right now.

While we're on the Viceroy chain....

Viceroy Central Park

While I was looking into the now closed Viceroy Anguilla, I stumbled upon the amazing lobby interior at Viceroy Central Park and swooned. Look at those stunning column features. I'm in love.

Century Casino Edmonton

This is a project we recently had the opportunity to collaborate on and it provided a unique challenge for our company. The fact that our stone has a manufactured backing making it stronger and much thinner than a traditional slab allowed us to do something that would have been impossible otherwise - install slab on a concave wall. Check out our Blue Onyx custom feature wall that is a true stunner.


Melissa Colborne

Interior Designer


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