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Let's Talk Travertine

While we may talk lots about our marble and other stone collections, our Travertines are some of our favourite stone panels to use in any design project. Travertine is a softer and more subtle stone than some of our other bolder options.

Travertine is sophisticated and beautiful, not to mention versatile. Travertine stone works just as well in a classic or more traditional design application as it does in a modern setting.

Our Travertine collection is mined in Turkey and comes in four gorgeous colours to choose from. Because the veining and pattern in Travertine is much more subtle, it tends to lend a very sophisticated look to the space it's used in, but if bold is what you're going for, our red travertine could be right up your alley! Let's get inspired and take a look at a few ways we love to use Travertine!

ABOVE: This sleek grey travertine bathroom is modern but classic. Grey travertine is a more contemporary take on the expected warmer neutral stone we're more used to seeing.

BELOW: An ivory travertine reception desk creates a modern but warm look in a commercial environment. Paired with white walls, warmer woods and pops of green it's the perfect modern meets nature inspired design aesthetic!

ABOVE: Red travertine makes for a seriously bold feature wall in this statement making bathroom! Red stone may not be for the faint of heart but if you're not afraid of a bit of colour, the finished look is stunning.

BELOW: A warm walnut travertine is show stopping in this modern but cozy bathroom. Are you starting to see what a great finish travertine is for bathrooms?! We love the walnut finish for a look that's warmer than the grey but more contemporary than an ivory travertine.

ABOVE: Ivory travertine is timeless and you can really see what a classic beauty this stone is in this backlit bathroom feature above! Opt for ivory for a classic or spa-like feel. (Who wouldn't want their washroom to feel like a luxury spa?!)

BELOW: Grey travertine is sleek and modern. A cool grey works beautifully in contemporary spaces like this one!

What travertine finish is your favourite? The cool modern grey or the classic ivory? The warm walnut, or the bold red?

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