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Thinking Outside The Box: 6 Unique Uses for Natural Stone

While you might think of stone panels as being a great commercial product for feature walls, elevators or for fireplaces in your homes, there are so many uses for our stone panels you may not have considered. Prima Stone panels are light yet durable, allowing them to be an incredibly versatile finish. Today we want to share 6 uses you might not have considered Prima Stone panels for, so let’s think outside the box and get inspired!

1. Stairs

Add some natural beauty to your stairs. Our natural stone makes for a stunning stair feature or for extra drama, use one of our translucent stone panels and backlight the steps for more wow factor!

2. Headboard

We don’t think a more beautiful headboard exists! For all of you modernists out there, this marble headboard using our stone panel is a must, wouldn't you agree?

3. Behind a TV

It's no secret that as designers, we're not the biggest fans of the look of televisions. Sure we all have them in our homes but they never add much to the design of the space. For a truly unique design element, add a dramatic stone panel behind your television to add depth and drama to your space!

4. Kitchen Island

Spice up your kitchen island with a natural stone panel feature! Create contrast with a gorgeous stone panel backsplash or add some serious interest with a stone accent on what would otherwise be a basic island.

5. Curved Walls

Because our stone panels are so thin yet durable, they can actually be curved (we know, pretty amazing, right?!). Take a look at this install we completed for a Casino project. Now get those gears turning - where would you use a curved feature stone wall?

6. Artwork

We like to think that our stone panels are so beautiful that they act as art all on their own! Use a slab as a stunning feature wall or even go ahead and frame one as a truly unique piece of artwork you'll cherish in your space.

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