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Introducing Armani Grey.

This month on the blog, we're featuring one of the newest additions to the Prima Stone Classics collection, Armani Grey marble. This stone is known in some circles as Pietra Grey marble. Armani Grey is a warm, charcoal coloured stone, well loved for its delicate white veining. The image shown is of our own in-stock Armani Grey, beautifully book-matched. We've compiled a few idea's to get you started designing with Armani Grey!

FOR THE KITCHEN. We love this stone paired with greys and whites in a modern kitchen as a feature island with matching backsplash.


FOR THE FIREPLACE. The below fireplace shows off how well this versatile stone pairs with a more classic pallet of creams and earth tones.


LOBBY. With its deep hues and luxurious warmth, Armani Grey is pretty easy to imagine floor to ceiling in an upscale hotel or multi-residential tower. We can't help but get excited picturing this gorgeous stone on floors, feature walls or even a floating staircase!

The possibilities seem endless! Check out some of the below inspirational images we've dug up for you! Happy designing!

For more inspirational images of Armani Grey, and for credit on the above pictures, please visit our Pinterest page:

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