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7 Tips + Trends for Using Marble Veneer on Countertops.

Lately marble countertops are all the rage. We agree that using marble on your tops is a great way to add that final beautiful and natural touch to your kitchen, bathroom or work space.

We often get questions like: “We want to use marble on the countertop that matches the backsplash. Can we use Prima Stone for both?” The answer, my friends, is YES! Here’s what you need to keep in mind when designing a space to include Prima Stone Countertops.

1) Use an overmount, flush-mount or vessel sink. Because Prima Stone has an engineered backing, planning to use a surface mount sink is a must! Check out some of these great vessel sink designs.

2) Make sure the substrate is level, flat and square. It’s best to get your millworker to construct a solid wood base for your countertop. Remember that Prima Stone is a cladding material and will conform to the base. Ensuring the base is flat will produce the best results! Plan to spend a little extra on polishing the seems. Because there may be slight inconsistencies in the substrate and the stone, you’re going to have to plan to have the butt joints polished to ensure that you don’t experience lippage.

3) Allow for a minimum 2” mitred return on the face of the countertop. Again you’ll need to plan to cover the backing of Prima Stone, so the Stone will have to be mitred. Don’t be afraid to go chunky here! Thicker countertops can look extremely luxurious and skilled installer will match the vein pattern around the mitre!

4) Finishing treatment. Decide if you want to fully protect your marble with a wrap or simply seal. Depending on use, you may want to opt for a full 3M wrap on your countertop, especially in areas of heavy use. Others like the natural wear patterns of marble and choose to just use a heavy duty sealant. If you choose to stick with just a sealant, we recommend caution with acidic liquids on the surface (such as alcohol and coffee) which can cause etching if you’re not using coasters. Wipe up any spills as soon as they occur and for goodness sake, don’t cut beets or blueberries directly on the surface!

5)Over time an countertop that is not wrapped will develop a lovely natural patina. To us this is the greatest expression of the rich natural beauty of your marble top, but it all comes down to personal preference.

6) Opt for backlighting!

7) Say "YES" to a waterfall edge!

Give us a call to start designing your marble veneer countertop!

For more natural stone countertop inspiration (and for sources for all images) please visit our Pinterest board:

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