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Designers: Order Complimentary Prima Stone Samples Online! (and Get a Rebate!!)

Prima Stone has launched a new, easy way to order samples online and as an extra incentive to do so, we're offering interior designers who wish to opt. in, a rebate!

We do understand that some design firms (especially large commercial/ institutional firms) according to their corporate policies will not be eligible to participate in our rebate program. However, completing our sample form will allow all firms and designers the opportunity to have their samples sent to their client directly or to their office without the need to first get in touch with their rep. We're also adding a QR code to each sample box so that your team can easily order extra samples as needed without having to deplete the samples in your library set!

For designers that do want to participate in our rebate program, we want to make this program as transparent as possible to all, so we inform the fabricator of program participation when they call in to quote the project. Please note that the rebate is subject to availability and is deducted from contractor/ fabricator discount. While we do our best to identify projects when stone is purchased, if purchaser does not identify project by name, rebate may not be available. However, please know that our order desk is diligent in asking who the designer is and what the project name is! You can help ensure program success by following along with your projects throughout the tender process. If you have any questions about this program, please get in touch with your Account Manger or the Order Desk at 1.800.936.0702 or email .

To participate or order samples, please visit our form at .

Please note that this program is subject to change without notice and operates at the sole discretion of Prima Stone management.


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