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Prima Stone can be installed on fireplace with a "cool touch" zero clearance to combustable materials on the face or low clearance to combustable material zone. Typically this means that there is venting that allows for heat to escape from the fireplace that is located near the ceiling or another location. Installations must follow all fireplace manufactures recommendations and local building code. Below is a list of fireplaces available that offer a cool touch or zero clearance option. In all cases, we recommend stone be installed in conjunction with a Calcium Silicate board like Skamol board. 


Enviro Gas Fireplaces @EnviroFireplaces


Marquis Collection fireplaces


Kozy Heat Fireplaces  @kozyheatfireplaces


Montigo  @montigofire


Flare Fireplaces @flarefireplaces

If you have any questions, please give Urban Fireplace a call. They both distribute and install all of the above. 

Urban Fireplaces 


Please note, Prima Stone is a combustable material with a Class A fire-rating. 


If you require assistance determining clearance required on your specified fireplace, email us! We would be happy to help. 

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