Extending limited resources for longer.


  • Prima Stone weighs only 3lbs per square foot which makes it 1/5 the weight of traditional slab and 1/2 the weight of many stone and porcelain tiles.

  • We create 6 Prima Stone panels from one natural stone slab. This means we use 80% less material and provide and identical surface aesthetic. 

  • Due to its narrower profile and lesser weight, transportation and packaging consumption is reduced. 

  • Because of its proximity to world stone markets and selection of natural stone available in the region, Prima Stone is manufactured at our state-of-the-art facility in China and then shipped to North America. 

  • Additional structural support is not required to bear the weight of Prima Stone. This can have an overall impact on the materials required to build a tower or project.

  • Prima Stone's plastic composite backing is made from 100% recycled plastic. 

  • Prima Stone recycles all water used in the manufacturing process, as well, recycles all offcuts and by-products created from cutting natural stone.

  • Prima Stone is easier to handle compared with porcelain and slab because it is 10x stronger. This strength allows for less waste due to cracking and breakage. 



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