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Trending Now: The Solid Slab Backsplash

Solid slab backsplashes are becoming a major trend in the marketplace. I speak with a lot of clients who are sick of all the grout lines associated with a tile backsplash or are over the done-to-death glass mosaics that were popular a few short years ago. They're looking for something different.

Solid slab splashes provide a look of ultimate luxury and create a major visual impact, but they don't have to break the bank. When paired with a matching counter it creates a seamless look, almost as if you carved the counter and splash out of a large chunk of stone. Below is a classic example of this trend-setting look in a timeless setting.

quartz backsplash

When entering a room, it makes more sense to keep the visual impact on a vertical surface as our eyes see the walls first, not the counters. This fact, in conjunction with solid slab backsplash, has led many to opt out of the busier granite counters and go for a more subtle quartz that complements a visually stunning piece of stone on the splash.

If your colour scheme is more minimal or you have a more modern space, you might opt to choose a stone with little to no veining for the counter and continue that up the wall to form the splash. There are numerous options out there for stones, both natural and man-made, that can help in creating a visually stunning statement in your kitchen.

If you like the idea of adding a focal point with a large piece of stone on the walls, but feel it might be too busy. If you love a heavier vein pattern, or a darker stone, then try using the slab on one wall as a focal point. Often, the stove is a major focal area in a kitchen. It's the center point for all of those culinary creations and we like to highlight its beauty.

You could also focus the attention to one area, by simply placing a smaller piece of slab directly behind the area of interest. You would then choose a lighter, complementary tile for the rest of the backsplash. I find this method works really well with a classic subway tile - it never goes out of style. Or you could opt to leave the rest of the walls bare and create a very simple and elegant look.

If your kitchen has large sections of wall around the cabinets, like the more airy designs we're seeing in recent years, then consider carrying the backsplash all the way to the ceiling and above any cabinets. It creates major impact and makes the room feel taller and more spacious.

I like to look at solid slab backsplashes as a form of art for the kitchen. They remove all the clutter of the busy mosaics and inserts, and it simplifies the space. They create a statement, but don't overpower the space. Done right, they don't have to cost a fortune. Take you time and research your options. Choose the stone first and design around it. Everything else then is a reflection of the stone and your personal style.


Melissa Colborne

Interior Designer


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