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5 Top Interior Designers We LOVE. (Who Design With Marble)

In this week's blog we are bringing you design inspiration from some of the top names in interior design. We have chosen our top 5 interior designers, all based on their unique style in designing with marble - ranging from soft contemporary to eclectic glamour! Enjoy!

5. Kelly Deck Design, Vancouver, BC.

Kelly Deck's designs are elegant, yet not overstated. We love the the way she incorporates heavily patterned marbles in her designs and blends them with classic style into a room.

For example, clients love the look of Marmara Marble, but we often hear feedback that the lines are too modern. The way she pairs Marmara with more muted colour tones and fabrics with heavier texture, soften the over all look of the linear stone.

Here Kelly and her team match a marble backsplash with a brass accented fan cladding. This look is so on trend right now.

4. Mitchell Freedland, Vancouver, BC.

Mitchell Freedland's designs perfectly match marble with other natural elements such as wood, metal and natural light. His clean contemporary style evokes feelings of warmth and comfort.

3. Kelly Hoppen, London, UK.

Kelly Hoppen is an interior designer, entrepreneur, author, former Dragon and apparent marble lover. We really love the way she uses marble floor to ceiling, matching interesting lighting and metal.

2. Farris Rafauli, Oakville, ON

Farris Rafauli is well known for his over-the-top, bold and often floor to ceiling marble designs. He has completed projects with marble slab that are awe inspiring and well deserving of a spot in our top 5.

A list of top designers would be incomplete without a nod to Kelly Wearstler and her glamorous Art Deco inspired marble designs. We love the way she plays with what some would think of as competing marble finishes in addition to being well known for cutting marble to create interesting pattern and texture.

Who is your favourite marble designer? Drop us a note and we'd love to feature them and their work in an upcoming blog post!

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*All image credits to interior designers listed. I've linked their websites to their names above.

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