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Get People Talking About Your Elevator Cab Interiors.

Marble slab in an elevator cab? You'll have people asking, how you did it!

Did someone say backlit? Translucent marbles like the Zulio pictured below (1) can make your elevator shine (literally)!

Prima Stone is a super format marble tile. It's comprised of a thin overlay of natural stone, on an engineered backing. Because it weighs only 3lbs per square foot, it's the perfect choice for making any elevator cab the talk of the town.

On to some of the boring stuff.....

Prima Stone has an impact resistance rating that is 10 times that of slab or tile, however, only weighs 3 lbs per square foot. Prima Stone is a sustainable solution for wall applications becuase it uses much less of a finite resource than traditional slab. Prima Stone has a total thickness of 9mm is and has a class A fire rating, making it the natural choice for elevator cab retrofits or new builds!

On to the pretty stuff....

Let's explore some past projects using Prima Stone in Elevator Cab interiors.

(2) Grey Carrara (Sherwood Park, AB)

(3)(4) Calacatta Vagli (Westblock, Glenora, AB)

Curious about including Prima Stone in your next project?

Contact Caleb, Account Manager at or 1.800.936.0702.

To order complimentary project specific samples online please visit: .


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