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Natural Stone Solutions - A tile, panel or slab for every application!

I'm sure by now you've heard of all of the different backing types that are available to be ordered (either stock or ordered). Here we go through all of the various types of backings, what sort of applications they would be good for and even include some inspiration images! Below we review some of the typical applications, however, if you have a project you think is suitable for natural stone and would like a consultation please contact Irina - to book.

Prima Stone In-Stock 9mm Veneer Panels in Translucent or Composite Backing.

You are probably most familiar with our Prima Stone super format marble veneer tile panels as they are most readily available in stock in our Coquitlam warehouse. Most panels come in a 5'x8' size and weigh 3lbs PSF. You can easily view our in-stock inventory from the collections section on our website. Here you will find a link to a folder that contains current stock in each particular stone available with quick turn around time! Please note that stock purchased from the inventory requires payment to hold and is otherwise subject to current stock availability. Veneer panels are great for wall applications and as a cladding material on applications like fireplaces, backsplashes, shower and bath, feature walls, reception areas elevator cab interiors and many many others. Panels can be mitred and installed by your favourite tile setter or fabricator!

Below we feature a beautiful installation of 4 book-matched, "Italian Grey" panels on a fireplace. The below is on our composite backing which is made from recycled materials and features a thin overlay of natural stone. Design by Jennifer Jordan Interior Design - Westblock - Glenora - Edmonton, AB

Below we feature our translucent stone "Zulio" on a casino bar. Design by Jennifer Jordan Interior Design, Edmonton, AB - River Cree Casino.

Tile and Slab - 12" and smaller sizes up to 3cm and 6'x10'!

Did you know that you can custom order tile and slab in any size and thickness from Prima Stone? We can order for you rectified slabs, raw edge slab in 2cm and 3cm thickness and tiles ranging from 12"x12" - 24"x24" or smaller (like mosaics!) We can even order 36"x36" ceramic backed tiles. You can also order a combination of tile/ slab/ panels, cut from the same block, to fulfill projects of all types.

Tiles and slabs are great for floors and countertops where weight and thicker slab may be less expensive for fabrication or grout lines can offer more traction. Slab also allows for use of under-mount sinks and through our manufacturing process we can fabricate a panel backsplash to match! Tiles are better for heated floors. We can also offer continuous vein tiles to bring book-matching to a whole new level!

Please allow 12 weeks for orders. Please note there may be a freight charge depending on order size and timeline of order. Typically we require quantities of 80 sq. ft. or higher for non-stock items.

Installation by Krisk Surfaces - Kelowna BC. Design by:

Extra Thin Aluminum or Fibreglass Backed Panels

Extra Thin Aluminum or Fibreglass backed panels are great for applications where even thinner is required.

Aluminum backed panels come in up to 4'x8' and are 6mm and are non-combustable. These will work well for areas where non combustable material is required, such a fire-rated doors or other millwork type applications where the composite backings visibility is not acceptable.

Fibreglass Backed 3mm panels have a very thin fibreglass backing and 3mm of natural stone are great for millwork application including cabinet facings or wall applications where ease of installation is important. Tiles come in up to 36"x 36" sizes in 4mm thickness and weigh 1lb PSF.

For more information about any of these backing types, please reference the below chart. Please contact our offices for more information!

Questions on ordering, in-stock quantities or samples? Get in touch with our team!


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