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The Marble Slab Bathroom

The Marble Slab Bathroom. The Marble Slab Shower.

Over the past year, we've seen an increasing trend in clients opting for a marble slab shower. Here are some great ideas on how to embrace this trend using Prima Stone marble veneer and why we LOVE it!

1) LESS GROUT! Who likes cleaning grout lines? Not us! When you opt for full slab, endless grout lines are a thing of the past! Featured here is Prima Stone natural Marmara. This amazing shower is clad in our thin, real marble veneer on the walls, niche and even on the ceiling. We love how this client chose a polished stainless steel trim to match the stunning shower fixtures.

2) LUXURY WITHOUT THE WEIGHT. Is there anything more luxurious than a full slab bathroom? If you live in a condo or a home that wasn't engineered to withstand the weight of marble slab applied to wall surfaces, Prima Stone is a great way to achieve the design aesthetic you want without the risk of sagging floors or structural damage. Added bonus? At 3 pounds per square foot, using Prima Stone means you won't break your condo bylaws! The bathroom pictured below features Calacatta Gold on the floor, walls and tub deck.

3) MASTER RETREAT FEATURE WALL. Need I say more? This book-matched Antiquewood feature wall creates an stunning art piece for this master retreat. Imagine soaking in the beautiful freestanding tub surrounded by the natural beauty of this exotic stone.

4) THE DIAMOND BOOK-MATCH. Get creative! Because Prima Stone is cut so thin we get many more panels in series. This means the diamond book-match is something totally achievable! Here we feature a diamond book-matched shower in Volakas Marble. This client paired this amazing shower with black fixtures which are trending in such a major way right now. We love how the black metal trim on the shower doors and edging makes the white marble POP!

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