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5 Marble Features That Inspire

As a designer, I am constantly looking at images of spaces, evaluating their feeling, and looking for that one special something that stands out. Below, you'll find a selection of 5 designs that truly made a statement - to me anyway.

A Greenwich Village Pied à Terre

by designer Katie Martinez

What we love about it:

The caluctta backsplash makes a statement while lending to the airy feel of the space. The copper pendants, island and barstools add a hint of industrial flare while anchoring the room.

Volakas Stair Risers

by Chris Knopp of CK Floors and Finish

What we love about it:

The volakas brightens up the overall feel of the staircase and provides a unique and stylish feature to an area that is typically just seen as a functional item.

Calcutta Bathroom Feature

featured on Salad Days blog

What we love about it:

The bookmatching on this calcutta feature wall creates a stunning visual effect. We'd love to just lay in that tub with a bottle of bubbly and stare at the wall all day.

Baycrest Kitchen

by Su Casa Design

What we love about it:

The carrara waterfall counters on this island are perfectly on point with the trends we are seeing these days in the design world. We love how the counter and backsplash have their own visual impact without taking away from the rest of the space.

Torquay Concrete House

by Auhaus Architecture and Interiors

What we love about it:

This zulio counter adds an edge to this mid-century modern meets industrial bathroom. They've carried this same marble onto a feature wall in the kitchen which you have to check out! It's drool worthy if you ask me.


Melissa Colborne

Interior Designer


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